Kira Oglesby

Of The Ether

     Everything is a ripple. One ripple spans to another ripple, existing as an instance trans- formed into a moment. The instant that initiates this first ripple may or may not be seen. Ultimately it does not matter. The moment at which it happens is ephemeral; here once, gone in an instant. Monotypes provide a similar foundation, having an initial beginning and changing as time passes, with only one version of itself. Its existence is recorded, leaving only the essence of the moment for the viewer to see.

     Through digital fabrication, a deeper look into the monotype unearths undiscovered spaces and nuances otherwise overlooked. These seemingly small moments transform into something larger. The ripples are discovered, realized in a new light. One can get lost in the landscapes that emerge; the believability of these spaces is not on the forefront. The act of getting lost in a moment, a series of ripples, and connecting with the space is. There is nothing more important than getting lost, whether on the journey of making or viewing. These digital prints derived from an ephemeral moment are to provide such means.